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Founded before the turn of the century, the society seems to have lost the early records, that many of us would find interesting. The earliest minute book that we have dates from 1934.

During the period up to the war, the minutes only reveal one site provided by Sidney Hole in 1934. One would assume, that there was no match in 1939, as the War started in September.

There was only one president mentioned, Col. McKergow, and one chairman, Mr Isaac Rich. Who else was involved was not recorded. The dinner, an all male event moved from the Drill Hall, to the Chinese Gardens in '35, and in '37, it moved to Hassocks Hotel.

After the war, meetings were held at the same venue, The New Inn, in '45, and '46, the new chairman was D.R. Allen and the new secretary was Mr Woolgar. The first post-war match was held in '47, but where, is not recorded. Someone must know these facts, so please let us know so we can amend this page. 


Saw the formation of the County championship. The first YFC Member on our committee - Stan Purdew. A change of president, Col. Heath taking over from Col. McKergow. The match was held at New House Farm, by kind permission of the late Harold Harvey, who was a great supporter of the Ploughing Match.


Relf Waters was elected onto the Committee, and he's still there today! The match was held jointly on three farms: Randolphs, Star, and Locks Green.


The match was held on almost the same site. Mr B.C. Jenkin succeeded Mr D.R. Allen as chairman. A three-furrow plough class was introduced.


No Records.


There were still classes for thatching and market gardening. Mr Wooton took over as secretary. Two new classes were started for hydraulic ploughs. Mr Jesse, offered a site at Pangdean, but the match had to be cancelled because of Foot and Mouth Disease.


Mr Woolgar was secretary again, with Mr Duckworth as assistant. John Allen organised a silage competition. The late Jack Phillips joined the committee, another character we all miss. The match went ahead this year at Pangdean.


W.H. Pile became the new chairman. The match took place at Ockley Manor.


Members respectfully recorded the death of Col. Heath and elected Major James as President. Clifford Dann joined the committee. The match went to Ockley Manor again thanks to Mr C. Matthews.


D. Campion became chairman this year. The annual Dinner moved to Stroods.


Clifford Dann was elected secretary, assisted by Tony Turner. The hosts this year were Messrs Dinnis and Northcote, at Park Farm, Locks Green.


John Otter, Vic Harvey and John Brown joined the committee. The late Arthur Godsmark was a committee member then, on the sub-committee to sort out the rules! A very wet match was held at Friars Oak.


P. Boswell took over as chairman. Bob Hanna became treasurer. It was a beautiful day for the match at Perching Sands


John Brown replaced P. Rowsell as chairman as the latter was moving to Hampshire. Roger Clement, who had assisted Clifford for several years, was made responsible for entries raffle, cups, trade stands and the dinner. Done today by five different people! The late Mike Lee offered a site at Ockley, Hassocks, which was accepted.


This year the committee was reduced from 40 to 12, a rather controversial move. This year saw the introduction of the James Cup, as an over-all prize. The site this year was at Little Park, Hurstpierpoint - before the houses


Mr Dinnis hosted the match at Holmbush.


Vic Harvey took over the chairman's job. Brian Clement joined the committee. A new class for reversible ploughs was introduced. The match at Nymans was part of the Prince Littler Estate.


B. Gorringe and C. Vine, joined the committee. A points system was organised. An in-calf heifer class was started, roots, eggs, and poultry classes were deleted. The dinner moved back to the Hassocks Hotel, tickets 15/- (75p). We went to Golf Farm on the downs this year, probably the most space we'd had so far.


G. Thornton and the lat R. Southon, joined the committee. John Allen offered a site at Blackstone which was accepted. This year the ladies came to the dinner for the first time!!


The new chairman John Otter, was faced with less than £17 in the bank, when he took the chair. Roger Clement was elected secretary, and G. Northcote as vice-chairman. J. Sayers and M. Lawrence joined the committee. A site was offered at Perching Sands, but the match had to be cancelled because of Foot and Mouth Disease.


The Mid-Sussex Ploughing Match was disbanded, and we took over most of their area. Three of their members joined our committee, Joe Philips, Bert Reid, and David Naish. The match at Perching Sands was enhanced by the introduction of the Ladies Section, and the High Speed Ploughing Class, in which the ploughmen had to plough two acres in one and a half hours.


1968 saw the return of Relf Waters and Geoff Lincoln to the Committee, together with three new members - Roger Leadbetter, Rob Davis, and David Denyer. Brian Clement became the new vice-chairman. The Match this year was held at Pangdean, by invitation of Mr Jesse. The Dinner returned to the Sidney Hole Memorial Hall, Burgess Hill. Bill Pile - a leading light in the Society, died this year, a fund was set up, and a cup provided in his memory. A class was introduced for barn-dried hay. There were 37 ploughmen - 10 of which were in the high speed class.


Brian Clement was elected chairman, Rob Davis - vice-chairman, and Tony Botting joined the committee. The Ploughing Match was at Parsonage Farm, Henfield. A beautiful day on very good soil. Horsham Ploughing Match Society disbanded, but we decided not to expand our are any more.


Bob Hanna resigned after many years as treasurer. He was replaced by A Hosier. Peter Awbery, and Mike Uridge joined the committee. Roger Waters was the YFC Representative. A letter from Vic Harvey started the vintage idea. George Hole presented a cup for a conservation competition. By now it was realised that the secretary was doing too much. Six members took over one each of the secretary's many duties. A class for winter barley was introduced and sheep were to be judged in July. The Match this year was held at Peter Awbury's farm in Plumpton.


Just two new committee members - Tony Hayward and Mike Cooper. Brian Harris provided us with a site at Perching Manor. Roger Leadbetter provided donkeys for the children to ride!


Rob Davis was elected chairman, Relf Waters - vice-chairman. There were three new committee members D Ayling, S Cowans, and J Bailey. A second dinner was proposed for men only, by the new chairman, putting his stamp on his term of office. During the year committee member Ron Southon died sadly only in his early 40s. The match this year was held at Griggs Farm, thanks to the Lincoln Family.


Roger Clement retired as secretary, he was replaced by Tom Edmonds. Vic Harvey came back onto the committee. The match was again held at Griggs Farm. There were five horse teams the reversible were cancelled due to lack of entries, and the high speed class was increasing. By now we were using a PA System, and a clay pigeon shoot was introduced.


Major James retired as president, the new president was Clifford Dann. David Gasson joined the committee. The match was held at Aburton Farm, where we had threshing demonstration. We had a lot of rain prior to the Match, but it dried up, and we had a fine day. Jill and Penny did the lunches 50p a head. The dinner on the following Wednesday had move back to the Hassocks Hotel.


Relf Waters took over as chairman, with Tony Botting as his running mate. Tom Edmonds became treasurer as well as secretary. John Otter came back onto the committee as the Match was to be at Danworth, where John was managing for Nigel Ventham, as well as running his own farm. This year, the Gold Top Cup was introduced. At the match we had six entries for the new class of vintage tractors. We had a barn dance at Danworth, and a delivery of a Fish and Chip supper. We became affiliated to the National Society of Ploughmen. The dinner at the Hassocks Hotel cost £3.


At the AGM, Randolph Jenkin joined the committee. This was the first year of the Gymkhana. We had a wet Ploughing Match at Bishopstone Farm, where we had a spectacular entry by a crop-spraying plane, Jim Pierce did his ploughing, and then a crop-spraying demonstration. After the match we had a disco at Perching Manor.


John Seale and Jim Bailey joined the committee, Jim had been the YFC Rep for several years. Some ploughing rules were updated. The Match this year was hosted by Brian Harris at Perching Manor. The weather was good, we had a successful Match, and a disco there in the evening.


Tony Botting was elected chairman, and John Sayers: vice-chairman. Three new committee members were Sid Beard, Ian Currie, and David Broucke. The Gymkhana this year was held at Twineham, and the Match was at H. Larwood's, Westup Farm, Balcombe. It was a fine day, and we had plough-off for the first time. This was the first year that we stopped drawing for plots - which are now allotted in order of entry. The disco the year was held at Aburton Farm.


We organised a dinner-dance in February. A sub-committee was formed to bring the summer competition. This resulted in a few rule changes. There were three new committee members: Peter Sayers, Chris Collins and Andrew Ponsford, John Seward was co-opted later. The site was at Woodhouse farm, hosted by the Broucke family - another fine day.


This was the 75th Ploughing Match, it was held at Perching Sands. The Market Company provided the lunches for £1.65. The annual dinner moved to the Greyhound Stadium. And yet another fine day!! There was a good turn-out of tractors, and four horse teams.


At the AGM both the chairman, and vice-chairman retired. Brian Clement became chairman again, and Randolph Jenkin vice-chairman. James Tillard took over as secretary from Tom Edmonds. The match was to be held at Washbrooks, so Andrew Nelson was co-opted onto the committee, also co-opted was Colin Broucke. This was the first year of Harper and Eede's loo-caravan�!


The only change at the AGM was Richard Thornton as the YFC Rep. A successful, summer ox-roast was organised, at Breechlands - cooked by Andrew Nelson. This year we had a very wet Match at Pangdean. We all felt sorry for Ian Currie. The plough-off had to be cancelled. The chairman organised an evening out after the Match, which has continued ever since.


Randolph Jenkin became the new chairman, and Andrew Nelson: the vice-chairman. New committee members were Nick Henry, Frank Grantham, David Cross, and Pat Weeks. Ian Currie kindly provided the site for our second ox-roast, which was again successful. This year the dinner moved Henfield village hall. The Match was held at High Park Farm, Ditchling by invitation of Mr A. Ray.


AGM: C Humphries became the YFC Rep. and David Campion joined the committee. A new class for beef stores was introduced. Meetings were now being held at the Jack and Jill in Clayton. The Ox Roast, held in the summer, was at Bridgers Farm, with kind permission of Joe Harris. The Gymkhana was held at Dean House, by invitation of the Thornton family. We had a lot of rain before the Match, which was held at Friars Oak. The Weald of Kent was cancelled, so we had 12 teams of horses.


The January meeting was held at Aburton, where we had a video of the ploughing match. The Ox Roast was again held at Bridgers, and there was no Gymkhana this year. The Ploughing Match was at Poynings Grange, by kind permission of Mrs. Crowther. The dinner was at Henfield Village Hall, and the hedge-laying was again hosted by Relf Waters.


Andrew Nelson became the new chairman, and John Sayers, the vice-chairman. David Hobbs joined the committee, as the Match was to be held at his farm in Lindfield. A video evening was held at the White Horse, to show two Ploughing Matches to the Ploughmen. The Ox Roast was again held at Bridgers.


The Ploughing Match was to be held at Hayley Farm, Ditchling, so John Broomfield joined the committee. We had a marquee for this Match. The Ox Roast was held after the Match. The Dinner was held at Henfield Village Hall. There was no hedge laying, because of the storm, and the championship was also cancelled.


Nick Henry became the new vice-chairman. J Aloof took over as secretary and treasurer. There was no Ox Roast this year. The match was held at Plumpton College, and the Dinner moved to Hurst College. The website editor was born this year!!


Nick Henry became the new chairman, and Peter Sayers the vice chairman. Gary Lee joined the committee. Robert Turner became the new secretary, and Roy Speer the treasurer. The Match was again at Poynings Grange, and this was the first year of livestock competitions at the show. In December, we had a pig-roast at the Hurst Village event.


This was the first year of the Horse-Race Evening, which proved a great success. The Match was at Mr Larwood's, Spicers Farm, Balcombe. This was the last year of the plough-off.


At the AGM: G Elliot, J Dutton, J Beeney, P Beard, and E Bunn joined the committee. The Match was held at Blackstone, by kind permission of John Allen. This was the first year that the premier reversible class, ploughed to National Rules.


The Match was held at Staplefield, by kind permission of E. Deans.


The Match was Cancelled as Match site was waterlogged.


The Match was held at Linfield by kind permission of D. Hobbs


The Match was held at Heaselands Estate, by kind permission of R. Kleinwort.


The Match was held at Plummers Plain, by kind permission of J. Smith.


The Match was held at Blackstone, by kind permission of J. Allen


The Match was held at Pangdean, By kind permission of Mr. I. Currie


The Match was held at Truleigh Manor, by kind permission of R. Windus.


The Match was held at Coombe farm, by kind permission of Mr. V. Harvey and Mr. D. Blake

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